Common Gym Myths and Mistakes

Common Gym Myths and Mistakes

In this article, I would like to share some of the essential Gym tips and tricks for beginners. Also, I would like to mention some of the most common myths regarding Gym.

Common Gym Myths and Mistakes

1) Lifting more gains muscles:

Most beginners think that lifting heavy makes you bulky. This thought is wrong. Our form is the most important one. We should lift more weight, and I too agree with this statement. Raising heavy should not affect the way an exercise.  Even if you do exercise with fewer weights, it’s okay. As a beginner concentrate more on nutrition. You can improve your strength within a few weeks. Then you automatically lift heavier.

2) Gym reduces your height:

‘Gym reduces our height’ is one of the most common myths which everyone hears. The Gym doesn’t affect your growth until and unless you lift something substantial, which your body can’t tolerate while doing some workouts related to shoulder, etc.

3) Concentrating only on the upper portion of the body

I see most of the people coming to Gym concentrating only on the upper body. They expect a bigger chest, biceps, and triceps. But, focus equally on lower body workouts as they are the foundation for your human body. Concentrate on exercises related to back also.

4) Concentrating on the lower portion and stomach reduces upper part:

Well, most of the people say it, but ignore it. Many bodybuilders in the world have right lower body muscles. They have perfect abs. Why it happens with us when it’s not happening with them. But remember one thing  ‘Supply enough amount of protein and all other essential nutrients to your body.’

5)The more you sweat, the more you burn

It’s something insane. Sweating is purely dependent on temperature and other climatic conditions like humidity etc. Let us consider a person who is doing cardio on a treadmill in a gym with air conditioner and without the air conditioner. If he completes 3km running, he burns the same amount of calories in both cases. In the first case, he doesn’t sweat much due to Air Conditioner, and in the second case, he sweats more.

6)You should work out every day

It’s not mandatory to workout out every day. It entirely depends on you. Five days in a week is sufficient, and it doesn’t affect much on your body growth. Try to complete all sort of workouts in these five days. Maintain a proper schedule like ‘one day you’re gonna do this, next day you’re gonna do that.’

7) Exercise only in the morning

This is one of the most common myth. It entirely depends on you. I would tell that it would be an energetic start if you do it in the morning. You will have an ample amount of time for other works in a day. But, there is no such hard and fast rule. Some people say that the evening would be better for you, as you consume enough meals during the daytime which rejuvenates your body.

A Few Suggestions

1)Have enough amount of protein in your diet: Protein is essential to replenish your muscles. If you would like to know protein-rich foods for vegetarians, click here.

2) Consume foods rich in calcium: Calcium is one of the most critical components which every person requires. Calcium is essential for stronger bones. Without stronger bones, you can’t work out efficiently. Consume Milk products, Eggs, and Meat for the right amount of calcium. If you’re a vegan, consume proper amounts of beans and other legumes, and a moderate amount of soy products.

3) Have Enough of Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are essential for energy. Include sources containing complex carbs like whole wheat products,  bananas, brown rice, oats as they help you to feel fuller for longer.

4) Have Pre and Post Workout Meals : These are essential to everyone who does any physical activity. Have a pre-workout meal before an hour of your workout and post-workout meal after an hour of work out.

A pre-workout meal must contain both proteins as well as complex carbs for energy. Have high protein food after your workout.

5)Ending meals of the day should be in such a way that it supplies protein very slowly to your body until a long time. Best sources would be milk products like paneer, curd, etc.

These sources digest slowly and supply protein slowly.

6) Have a Good Sleep: Sleep is one of the most critical factors for people who do Gymming. If you don’t sleep properly and go to the Gym, you can’t exercise efficiently. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day would be ideal.


7)Add Leafy Vegetables: Add leafy vegetables  like spinach to your diet as they are one of the  best sources of vitamin A (Good for your eyesight), Vitamin C(helps in iron absorption, boosts immunity, increases calcium absorption).

 In simpler words, I would say ‘If you don’t concentrate on nutrition, you can’t grow your muscles.’ Fitness is one of the most crucial aspects of our daily life. Without it,  we can’t achieve our goals efficiently. We can achieve fitness in many ways. The Gym is one of the routes. You can go for other forms of exercises like yoga, athletics, sports, martial arts.

It entirely depends on you. You can adopt any physical activities in your daily life.

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