Civet Coffee | Costliest Coffee in the world

Civet Coffee | Costliest Coffee in the world

Dear coffee lovers! Today I would like to share one of the most popular coffees in the world. This is said to be the costliest coffee in the world. In the global market, the coffee fetches around Rs.25000 per kilogram. Sounds a bit high right! Well, this coffee is popularly known by the names like Kopi Luwak and Civet Coffee.

A coffee mug is something around Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 in the international market.

How is the Civet Coffee Produced ?

civet coffee cat

This coffee is prepared from the excreta of a civet cat. Well, you heard it right. These cats are mostly found in the tropical forests of Asia and Africa. It is said that these cats consume the best quality coffee beans. The consumed coffee beans undergo some natural fermentation process in its stomach and are excreted. The collected excreta undergoes further processing, and thus coffee powder is obtained.

Consumers tell that this coffee has some unique flavor in it. Coffee lovers can taste this coffee. However, I don’t dare to sip this coffee.

Karnataka is the largest coffee producing state in India accounting for 71% of the total national production. Even the worlds costliest coffee( Civet coffee)  is being produced over here. Coorg Consolidated Commodities started its production in 2015. These plantations are somewhere around Coorg( An hill station in Karnataka).

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