Anger Management Cafe In Indore|Bhadaas Cafe- Destruction Therapy in India

Anger Management Cafe In Indore|Bhadaas Cafe- Destruction Therapy in India

Anger management cafe ‘Bhadaas’ is said to be India’s first anger management cafe.

Most of us have tensions. Tensions might be due to boss, family, work, failures, etc. Most of them control their anger by listening to music, playing outside, speaking with friends, etc. Few of them even destroy things in their surroundings like televisions, mobile phones, furniture, etc.

Atul  Malikram is the owner of this anger management cafe, and he used to break many things in anger from his childhood. He felt that many others might be facing anger management issues. He did a study on this particular issue and got a thought of anger management café.

Speciality of this Anger Management Cafe

This is India’s first anger management house based on destruction therapy. Since 2017, it has helped thousands of people to overcome their anger in a harmless way. From necessary utensils to home appliances, the café charges the visitor for each broken item. It has several rooms and sections. They have a soundproof room in which a person can shout and relieve his/her anger. If a person has issues with his/her boss, they create an office atmosphere for him. That means, he can destroy things related to the office environment.

Similarly, if a person is angry with his family, they create a family environment for him/her. They take all safety measures for the person who is gonna break things. It’s a 2 storey house, and it not only has anger management rooms but also has rooms like the music room, library, etc.  A person can consult psychologists and narrate their problems to them. They will try to provide the best possible ways to overcome their anger. They have plans to extend their service to other cities of India.

If you have anger management issues and tensions for a long while, try to relieve it. It might lead to other health problems like hypertension, depression, etc.

Well, if you have the same issues and break/broke things in anger, let me know in the comment section. If you didn’t read about world’s costliest coffee made out of animal poop, read it

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